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BTVS Femslash

am looking for faith/kennedy

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Lindsey MacDonald and Eliot Spencer arent related and they arent friends but they are bound together in ways even they dont understand.

This story is No. 1 in the series “Dopplegangers”.

Title – Identity crisis

Author - Everfaithful

Rating - FR18 

Words - 33,163

Summary: Leverage- ATS cross over. Eliot is a captive of Wolfram and Hart, used as a stand in for Lindsey McDonald. Will the team save him? Will Angel Kill him? Why is Tara already on the scene?

This story is No. 2 in the series “Dopplegangers”.

Title – Omens, Signs and Portents

Author - Everfaithful

Rating - FR18

Summary: A year after his ordeal at Wolfram and Hart, Eliot finds that Vampires are battling for control of Boston.

Title - Moving On

Author - Everfaithful

Summary: A hitter, a hunter and a scooby walk into a bar…

Words - 2,351

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just reading eliot/faith fanfiction

Faith Lehane fanfiction

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Faith Lehane fanfiction with any pairing (crossover)

apart from dean winchester?