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Title: The Let’s Make a Deal Job

Author: telaryn and hickumu

Artists: whiskyinmindmizzy2k & errant_evermore

Characters/Pairings: Leverage Team, Faith the Vampire Slayer, Sam & Dean Winchester, James Sterling/Crowley
Rating: R

Genre: Gen

Warnings/spoilers: Hints of spoilers for SPN S6, allusions to events in “The Ties That Bind Job” and “The End of Days Job”, although the story stands on its own merits.
Word Count: ~34,000

Summary: Deals are coming due, and the appearance in Boston of Sam and Dean Winchester sparks more chaos than the Leverage team is prepared to handle. As the team and Faith try to sort out the tangle of repressed memories and hidden backgrounds coming to light, they uncover a plot by the King of Hell to claim the soul of an honest man