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The Belarusian Bitch Job by 

That would actually be a dumb move. A man who can’t be caught by the best law enforcement agencies in the world doesn’t make dumb moves

Leverage - Wanted Records

The Ties That Bind Job ‘Verse

In this universe, Faith Lehane is Nathan Ford’s biological daughter, fathered when he was sixteen years old. This fact is unknown to either of them at the start of “The Ties That Bind Job”. Despite the expected difficulties of forging a parent-child relationship at this stage of their lives, both of them are extremely happy about this turn of events.

Faith’s ongoing involvement with the Leverage crew has led to a “friends with benefits” type of relationship with Eliot Spencer. In this ‘Verse, Eliot has recently discovered that his twin brother Lindsey McDonald arranged to have his strength and stamina demonically enhanced (go ahead - rewatch “The Maltese Falcon Job” and tell me it’s that much of a stretch!) - all without Eliot’s knowledge or consent.

Nate discovers Eliot and Faith’s involvement upon his release from prison. He does not approve, but recognizes that Faith is a grown woman and they are well past the point where he can dictate her choices.

Eliot fascinates Faith. The reverse is true, but Eliot is slightly more cautious of fully committing to anything, owing to the fact that he fully recognizes Faith is insane.

Hawaii Five-0/Leverage Crossovers
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when is leverage season 3 out on dvd ( region 2 )